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The Privacy Paradox

Feel like you've got no control over your data? Cringe at the terms of service when you sign up for a new app, but download it anyway? This is our 5-part plan to help you take back your digital identity. And maybe even your soul

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And then check out the other interactive projects we've done over the years. Like Infomagical and Bored and Brilliant. (Hear that's a book now?!) Because at Note to Self we like to involve our listeners. We play your voice memos, we dive deep into issues that are on your mind... And we challenge you a little, too. 

The Bookie, The Phone Booth, and The FBI

The story you’ve never heard behind why we have the Fourth Amendment and why our right to privacy matters more than ever in the digital age.

That we have rights as held against the government, that those rights are what we are fighting to protect.... That is what defines us as a country.
— Laura Donohue, professor of law at Georgetown University

Your Quantified Body, Your Quantified Self

What happens when we count our every calorie and step? Some people lose some pounds… other people start showing some nutty compulsive behavior.

Sext Education: Teens, Photos, and the Law

We went to visit a North Carolina teen who faced five felony charges for sending (consensual) sexy texts to his girlfriend. Hear how the US should bring its sex education curriculum into the 21st century.

Plus: Black Mirror, Ed Snowden, and eavesdropping on epiphany

Because it's hard to pick your favorites. What are yours?

Privacy isn’t about something to hide. Privacy is about something to protect. It’s about who you are, who you can be.
— Ed Snowden in conversation with Manoush, 2017
Technology has just given us these strange super human powers.
— Charlie Brooker, creator of "Black Mirror"